Best Manicure Table 2018

To have professional looking nails you can wear with confidence, you’ll need the best nail products, including the tools and accessories. One of these is the manicure table. Whether you are a professional nail technician or just one who loves to paint your nails, you will need something to rest your arms as you do your nails.

Who wouldn’t want to wear some great looking nails. It’s more than just a work of art, it’s an accessory that can enhance the overall look of any woman. So, if you want to look even more appealing, you will want your nails to be kept clean and polished.

You can either go to the salon and have a professional nail technician do the job for you. But with the staggering cost of each salon visit, you will soon want to learn how to do it on your own to save some bucks that you can use to have a night out with some of your friends. You’ll also save yourself from frequent exposure to possible hazardous chemicals on some of the products used in salons. But hey, you just have to sacrifice some to gain some, right?

Anyway, if you’d rather do your nails, you’ll need to invest in the right tools to make each nail session easier and stress-free. One of your concerns will be a dedicated best manicure table where you can do your nails whenever you need to or have the time. Sure, you can use any table, but won’t it be more practical and convenient to have your own nook where you can keep your nail products organized. Once, you get the hang of getting your nails done, you can easily transform your hobby into a business. By that time, you can gain more from the manicure table that you invested in earlier.

If you really want to take nail care seriously, you’ll want to have the right tools and gadgets to help you do your thing with ease. Tables that you may see inside your house may not be set up for the tools that you will need to do your regular nail care sessions. They may also not have been built to stand up to a salon environment. To do the job easier, quicker and with a more satisfactory result, you will need a dedicated surface to do your nails.

This can easily allow you to organize all your supplies in one space. You can keep all other surfaces inside the house stain free if you have a dedicated space for the purpose. You don’t need an expensive or salon station. All you need is a free space where you can station your manicure table and do your nails without interruption. One that will give you access to all your tools with ease.

You can check several online sites for inspiration, like Pinterest or Instagram. For all other products with customer-related reviews, you can easily search amazon for some of the top-rated products in this category.

What are the features that you will need to consider from a great manicure table?

1. Would you rather have a portable or stationary? If you are looking for a table that you can bring with you if you are planning to see clients in their homes or have the table at on-site events, a portable table will best suit your purpose.

As this table is made to be foldable, you can maximize a small space with one of these portable manicure table. You can easily store it in your closet or under the bed or anywhere else where it will fit. That means you won’t need a space for permanent set up. The only disadvantage of this table is that it does not have enough storage and is not as big as some stationary manicure tables.

Stationary tables are made to be sturdier and offer more storage space. It will give you more options that you may benefit from.

2. Storage. If you will be doing your nails, you will have a lot of nail products and tools that you will need to keep. Keeping them away from the surface where you will be working on will be easy if you find a manicure table that offers a lot of storage space. There are several manicure stations that offer a surprising amount of storage from drawers to shelves to unique display features.

3. Vents. Doing your nails will release fumes and nail dust from lds nails polish and nail files.There are high-end manicure tables that are built with vents and bags where your nail trimmings and dust particles from nails are collected. Some even have activated charcoal filters that help remove unpleasant odors. This is another feature that you would want to have in your manicure table.

4. Lighting. You’ll have to see what you are doing, so you will need an best manicure table lamp to go with your manicure table. Some tables for this purpose come with a built-line lighting device. If you can’t seem to find one, you can always but the lamp separately. Some of these lighting devices even come with a charging dock that you can use when you need to charge your phone or any other device that you may need for your nail care session that needs to be plugged to a charger every now and then.

5. Table surface material. There are several manicure table designs that are made to withstand stains and drips and spills from lds dipping powder nail products. Don’t just settle for the first table that you see. Take some time to check all the features that the table offers to get the best value for your purchase.

There are manicure stations that are made to have acetone-resistant surfaces and can surely handle what you can dish out. There are also tables that are made with glass counters. A manicure table like this will make cleaning up faster and easier.

You may also consider the color of the surface. The darker the surfaces, the better the table in hiding the stains that may have not been spotted while you were cleaning the table.

6. Cost. You’ll also need to consider your budget when deciding which manicure table to go with. Remember that this will be an investment that will serve you not only for a few times, so you still have to make the best choice. There will always be a table on a product point that you may be eyeing for.

Brands that you may consider are as follows:  Icarus, Dermalogic, Pibbs, BR Beauty, Yaheetech, Dina Meri, LCL Beauty, Giantex, and Icarus.