Along the Fortune Trail

bookcoverOne man’s reward.

One man’s journey.

One man’s fight for a new life.

From the time Sammy Winds pulled on his first pair of spurs, he understood the difficulties living in the new American West. An orphan since he was a small child, Sammy grew up working long, dusty days as a ranch hand on the Twin T.,busting broncs, herding cows, and learning to spit his tobacco with contest-winning precision. Sammy became used to sweat and toil and tough ranch life, but after an encounter with a murderous outlaw leaves Sammy the prospect of a fortune, the cowboy leaves behind his love and everything he has ever known to embark on a journey across the untamed West. Only he doesn’t know just how dangerous his adventure is about to become.

Follow the rugged excitement as Sammy treks Along The Fortune Trail, fighting off cruel weather, attacking renegade Apaches, and overcoming the evil ploys of enough crooks and villains to send any regular saddle-sore hombre heading home to the hills. But Sammy isn’t just any man. With his eyes set on the chance of a lifetime, Sammy Winds tilts his hat toward the mysteries of the trail, ready to gallop his way to the riches awaiting him in Denver and prepared to stomp on any obstacle in his way.

Which Saves the Most Money: Gas or Electric Garden Tools?

Which type of tool is the best bargain long-term? The immediate answer might seem to be electric, but there are several points to consider first.

For example, let’s look at weed eaters, also known as string trimmers. Gas-powered trimmers are convenient because you can move freely without concern for the limits of a power cord. But they are heavier and noisier. They also require fuel and oil plus maintenance like oil and filter changes. Those costs add up over time.


On the other hand, electric weed whackers, whether corded or battery-powered, are much quieter than gas models. They don’t produce noxious fumes or require expensive maintenance. They also tend to weigh less. Also, the cost of electricity is a lot lower than the price of gas.

Battery-operated string trimmers allow you to roam as freely as you can with a gas weed eater. But there is a hidden cost for that freedom. Eventually, you’ll have to replace the battery even though that shouldn’t be necessary for three to five years.

After pondering these facts, you might decide that a corded electric trimmer is the least expensive option. And you’d be correct if it weren’t for one more detail.

That last detail will make or break your budget. It’s your motivation to do the work with the tool you choose. If you purchase a weed eater or a lawn mower so that you can do your own yard work, then you need one that you enjoy using.

When you shop for garden tools, get the one that you will actually use. Even if that means you spend a little more up front or down the road. In the end the right tool will save you money because you will do the work and stay on top of it.